Unhoused Neighbor Spotlight: Bill

Just say hello and smile. Compassion, understanding other people — just do your best to be kind and never take for granted the fact that you have a job and they don’t. Don’t get a better-than-thou attitude and know that maybe anyone can get in this situation and be hopeful that they can get out of it.

Half-Truths, Cop-Outs, and How We’re Quick to Judge Our Homeless Brothers and Sisters Part II by Brandy Wallner Our first installment of Half-Truths, Cop-Outs, and Being Quick to Judge our Homeless Brothers and Sisters considered the significance of mental health on the issue of homelessness, as well as a more compassionate response to addiction. ThisContinue reading

4 Simple Ways to Show Compassion for Your Homeless Neighbor

by Brandy Wallner When faced with someone on the street who needs help we can be tempted to roll up our car window, look straight ahead and avoid eye contact. Our disengagement can appear heartless, but just as often they’re symptoms of insecurity. We may not be sure how to help. This is especially trueContinue reading “4 Simple Ways to Show Compassion for Your Homeless Neighbor”